All associated customers have at our disposal our Support Center, integrated solution to better serve you.


Manage your documents, images and videos via SFTP and SSH with an access key in the format PPK or PEM.

Cost Benefit

Discover our new world, full of benefits. Who knows and compares, hires Blenner.

Business and Companies

Perfect solutions to grow on the Internet

With Blenner, you'll have tools to manage your server, database, redundancy, and more! In addition, with our segment Business you will be met like never before in the digital marketplace.

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Empresas e Negócios no Blenner

Features Available
to Blenner customers


Build your applications and projects and perform better on Blenner with proprietary optimization technologies.


Due to our redundancies and integration with artificial intelligence, we guarantee a 99.99% Uptime.

Advanced Security

You'll be protected with great, sophisticated digital security solutions with our solution UpSecure.

Expense Management

Set your available budget and customize your server to fit your real-time budget.

Global Distribution

All customers have our SmartCDN technology available to increase overall performance.

SSD Storage

Have all your files stored on SSD, with the best performance and availability.

Solutions à la Carte

Our goal is always to deliver the best results to our customers. For this reason, each customer has a flexible plan according to their current needs.

For You

Ideal for projects and initiatives on the internet. We have several products and services available for each profile.

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For Businesses

Ideal for national and international SMEs that need short, medium and long term scale.

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Ideal Plans for You and Your Business!

With our Blenner product, you get a different Cloud Computing experience for your projects. Ideal for WordPress, MySQL and MariaDB Database, Virtual Machine, External Cloud GPU and more! Earn points that never expire in the Membership Program.

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